About Us
July 31, 2016 11:26:09 AM

Welcome to GameGulp, a website dedicated to giving you cool gulps of video game, film, and geek culture news, features and reviews. 

GameGulp was created after a major brain freeze. After a lot of thinking and long conversations over slushies, the website was finally whipped up together by a bunch of media dudes: an advertising practitioner, a journalist, a game developer, and a photographer. None of us are super hardcore gamers or movie fanatics. We are simply enthusiasts of the genres and the intricate behind-the-scenes of game development, filmmaking, and culture in general.

GameGulp is a place where we can just chill and talk about everything that interests us. We will be publishing game and movie reviews, in-depth analyses, and maybe even guides, if we become smart enough. We’ll also cover major gaming events: esports within the local community, conferences, and other conventions and gatherings we could get into.

With many plans and projects we hope to achieve, GameGulp’s future only gets exciting. Soon, we'll be able to produce video content, organize events, and do podcasts.

In the meantime, you can get your first gulp of game, e-sports, film, TV and geek news right here.