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Welcome back to Angel Grove with The Power Rangers

By: Francis Reyes | Mar 6, 2017

The five teenagers with attitude are back! Oh, what's that? You haven't heard the news? Okay, here's a link to the trailer below. Go watch it and come back here after. I'll wait; I'm an article anyway. All caught ...

Feel like something's amiss? Let "A Cure For Wellness" try and fix it

By: Francis Reyes | Jan 31, 2017

The world has been running at such a frenetic pace lately. The speed with which we live our lives can very well run anybody ragged. This also means that more people are trying to take time off to disconnect and put somethi...

Upstart: a dream upon which to build dreams

By: Francis Reyes | Nov 12, 2016

Lately, it seems there is a board game for all sorts of situations. There are games where you tend gardens for pandas, ruin friendships, save the world, destroy the world, and everything in-between. Another game is trying...

New Breach update now available for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

By: Francis Reyes | Nov 6, 2016

A new update has gone live for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and it contains the new Breach game mode. The update is rolling out to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game and introduces the following...

A Cure for Wellness is a bad spa trip waiting to happen

By: Francis Reyes | Oct 21, 2016

Looking to bounce back from The Lone Ranger, the trailer for Gore Verbinski's new film A Cure for Wellness has dropped and will certainly pique your interest if you're a fan of the psychological-thriller genre. The p...

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