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GameGulp's resident Blizzard die-hard, fanboy, superfan, whatever you wanna call it. Totally loves mecha the way Setsuna loves his Gundam. Does not shy away from any JRPG available. Find him on Warcraft's Barthilas realm masquerading as a Daemon Prince Primarch.


10 Manliest Finishers in Super Robot History

By: Pio Garcia | Jul 11, 2017

The 90s were all about the Power Rangers, the different Super Sentai series like Maskman, Bioman, and their hulking pieces of metal that destroyed weekly enemies and taught kids the value of friendship, love, and justice. ...

The 5 Best Gundam Designs

By: Pio Garcia | Oct 14, 2016

Some time ago, I talked about a bunch of ugly Gundam designs that should never have been greenlit. This time though, I'll be tackling the complete opposite where I show you some awesome feats of anime architecture which ...

The 5 Most Ridiculous Gundam Designs

By: Pio Garcia | Oct 3, 2016

With the onset of the highly-anticipated second season of G-Tekketsu (also known as Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans), people have been sounding off on the mecha designs for the new Gundams. But for every transce...

An Karanir Thanagor, Varian Wrynn: In Memoriam

By: Pio Garcia | Sep 1, 2016

Dear King Varian Wrynn, I have a thing for compelling characters, be they of my faction, allegiance, or otherwise. You, Varian Wrynn, are a human. The High King of the Grand Alliance. I am a Blood Elf Death...

Warcraft: Review - Video game movie done right

By: Pio Garcia | May 31, 2016

When video games are turned into movies, I have trepidations. Yes it goes back to that very awful "Super Mario" movie wherein I was just completely lost. Like, what the hell happened there? That isn't the game! Or ta...

A Blizzard of Lores

By: Pio Garcia | Dec 14, 2015

For a game to be compelling, at least on my end, there has to be a backstory to the story of the story. Did I make sense? No? It only applies to roleplaying games (RPGs)? Yeah? Okay, let me get a do over. For a videogame to...

Once more unto the breach, Hero: World of Warcraft Legion

By: Pio Garcia | Nov 12, 2015

It's that time of the year again where all geeks and nerds all flock to that small campus in California, one big event that has been circled every year: BlizzCon. *** Last year's BlizzCon was huge in the sense that they u...

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