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Animated prequel to Train to Busan takes us to where it all started

By: Stef Atega | Sep 26, 2016

The film Train to Busan never really offered a full explanation on how the zombie outbreak started [check our film review]. Aside from the phone call between Seok-Woo and his analyst, plus the mention of a chemical leak ...

The Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt movie gets its first trailer

By: Stef Atega | Sep 20, 2016

So last year when I first heard that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt were shooting a romantic sci-fi movie together, I thought, "This is perfect!" Those two are basically opposite gender versions of each other and it w...

Legends of Callasia launches on iOS for iPad

By: Stef Atega | Sep 16, 2016

Simultaneous multiplayer strategy game Legends of Callasia has now been made available on the App Store for the iPad, following its Steam release in June and successful Kickstarter campaign for an expansion pack in Ju...

See Aqua in action in the new Kingdom Hearts trailer

By: Stef Atega | Sep 13, 2016

Square Enix and Disney just revealed some new scenes from the upcoming HD compilation, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. So what do we have? We get a glimpse of the shady alliance ...

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 gets Boruto DLC in February 2017

By: Stef Atega | Sep 12, 2016

For anyone who still follows Naruto religiously after all these years, here's a bit of good news: Boruto Uzumaki is dashing his way to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 in a new expansion, "Road to Boruto". This ...

Solve puzzles by mixing colors in Spectrum 6

By: Stef Atega | Sep 11, 2016

When I was young, I used to play around with watercolors. I wasn't particularly interested in painting, and until now, my 25-year old self still has no idea how to work a paintbrush. Back then, I just enjoyed mixing the ...

First Story DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided out this September

By: Stef Atega | Sep 3, 2016

Just a week after the launch of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal have announced details and a release date for the game's first story-based DLC. Titled "System Rift", this new content sees the re...

FFXV mini-game "Justice Monsters Five" is out on mobile

By: Stef Atega | Aug 31, 2016

When someone asks you about the most memorable video game you ever played, you'll probably name a dozen titles off the top of your head. But can you recall any of the smaller games within those video games?  Like the P...

New images for "World of Final Fantasy" reveal more environments, characters and beasts

By: Stef Atega | Aug 27, 2016

A bunch of new images for World of Final Fantasy have been released by Square Enix. The screenshots show new environments, more familiar Final Fantasy characters and monsters. In World of Final Fantasy, you follow the...

The new Overwatch animated short will make you shed tears

By: Stef Atega | Aug 19, 2016

Blizzard released its fifth animated short for Overwatch yesterday at the Gamescom event. This one, called The Last Bastion, features the origin story of Bastion, a.k.a. that annoying turret robot who kills everyone w...

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