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October 17, 2015 02:11:14 AM

Hello! GameGulp is an independent company that is driven by our thirst for videogames, film, and anything in between. We're always excited to get in touch with readers and anyone else who is interested in what we do.

For questions, review requests for any videogame or film, or interested in becoming GameGulp's bread-and-butter through advertisements, email us at [email protected] .

Interested writers are more than welcome to join GameGulp. We're always fascinated by new topics and angles that go beyond the aspects of gaming. However, considering GameGulp is just starting out, driven only by our collective passions, we cannot offer payment as of the moment. It is our dream to someday live off doing this gig and pay our writers. Til then, we can't guarantee when that will be. The most we can offer for now, is a camaraderie of enthusiasts, and to be part of a small, but rising community. We know that doesn't worth much, but hey, we'll have pizza together once in a while.

If that sounds quite fair, feel free to contact us through the email above, and send us your pitches. 

We'll consider them and get in touch soon.