TnC Pro Team qualifies for the Kiev Major

By: Don Cabuhat | 10 months ago

Considered as one of the best teams in Southeast Asia, not many were really surprised that TnC managed to grab a spot in the DotA 2 Kiev Major. What people didn't expect though was how hard it was for the Philippine team

Qualifying just got harder for PH teams looking to join the 2017 DotA 2 Kiev Major

By: Don Cabuhat | 10 months ago

The eight direct invites for the 2017 DotA 2 Kiev Major have been handed out and the teams selected were a bit surprising. The eight teams are as follows: Europe OG, Ad Finem, Team Liquid North America Evil

Local Fighting Game Community members gather at the first day of SummerSalt 2017

By: Don Cabuhat | 10 months ago

Last March 4, The Pad hosted the first day of the second major local fighting game tournament of the year, SummerSalt 2017. Members from the local gaming community once again competed against each other in a friendly compet

Battle it out with other fighters this summer at SummerSalt 2017

By: Stef Atega | 10 months ago

There's no more satisfying way to start your summer than to stay indoors and beat up other people in video games. The local fighting game community has something to look forward to next month because Imperium Pro Team

Predator and TNC launch High Grounds Café, the first fully branded local gaming hub

By: Stef Atega | 11 months ago

A new internet and gaming café has emerged! Located within the easily accessible Tomas Morato, Quezon City comes the High Grounds Café which will be operated by e-sports team (TNC). After celebrating a g

E-Blue introduces its Malaysian E-Sports Stadium at the Annual CyberFusion LAN Party

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 1 year ago

And now a look into the world of eSports. E-Blue, one of the world's leading gaming entertainment solution providers, has finally debuted its E-Sports Stadium at the 2016 Malaysian CyberFusion LAN Party. Where mos

Unicorns of Love win IEM Oakland

By: Renille Ace Manaog | 1 year ago

The European LCS team Unicorns of Love won over the Flash Wolves in the League of Legends best of five finals at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Oakland last November 20, 2016. The match was extremely close as over the cou

SKT T1 wins their third League of Legends World Championship

By: Renille Ace Manaog | 1 year ago

SK Telecom (SKT) T1 celebrated their third win of the League of Legends World Championship along with Razer. Their victory came with a $2 million cash prize and the majestic Summoner's Cup. They are the first team ever t

Meet the new kids on the Rift: Albus NoX Luna

By: Renille Ace Manaog | 1 year ago

History was made in this year's World Championship for League of Legends held in San Francisco, USA. For the first time ever, an international wildcard team has made it out of the group stage. The Russian team, Albus

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