10 Things About Spider-Man: Homecoming that Either Annoyed Me or Made Me Swoon

By: Don Cabuhat | 6 months ago

Spider-Man: Homecoming has the web-crawler coming out swinging *ehem* to rave reviews. It's not a perfect film, but his first solo adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with a lot of details that are only

10 Manliest Finishers in Super Robot History

By: Pio Garcia | 6 months ago

The 90s were all about the Power Rangers, the different Super Sentai series like Maskman, Bioman, and their hulking pieces of metal that destroyed weekly enemies and taught kids the value of friendship, love, and justice.

The Big Problems of the Mini-map

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 6 months ago

It's always there, nagging at you out of the corner of your screen. No, I'm not talking about your mom telling you to go outside and meet a nice lady; I'm talking about the ever-increasing prevalence of the mini-map. A

How to Ruin a Video Game in a Single Image (SPOILERS)

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 7 months ago

Pictures! These static images are a fine medium between written text and videos. On one hand, they are superior to words because even illiterate Nazis can understand them. On the other hand, nothing quite capt

Here are some speculations on the new Castlevania animated series

By: Jonathan Kevin Castillo | 7 months ago

Netflix's upcoming Castlevania series will be streaming this July 7. That gives us plenty of time to scrutinize the entire show. While there are no official announcements as to which characters are involved in the debut se

The Budding Potential of 4v1 Survival Horror Games

By: Jonathan Kevin Castillo | 7 months ago

I recently spent a good two hours watching YouTuber ryukahr's Friday the 13th livestream. It looks like a fun game to play with friends; especially since it allows you to either cooperatively take on the player-controlle

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe showing cracks?

By: Don Cabuhat | 8 months ago

A month ago, the internet went into a panicked frenzy as Amy Pascal, former Chairperson of Sony, said that Tom Holland's Spider-Man might exit the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

13 Obscure Anime that Made My Summers Bearable (Part 2)

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 8 months ago

Previously, on the first part of this article: "These were just the first 6 anime in a two-part list full of spiky hair, gigantic eyes, and senpais failing to notice you. The remaining 7 will be featured at a lat

13 Obscure Anime that Made My Summers Bearable (Part 1)

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 8 months ago

With summer blasting the remaining sanity out of my head, I took a look back at previous years and tried to remember what I used to do to stay away from that unforgiving ball of flame in the sky. Apart from avoiding beau

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