Re-exploring Demon's Souls

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Let's take a look at how Demon's Souls redefined the action RPG genre.

Konami’s Greatest Losses besides Metal Gear

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Is there any hope for these classic franchises?

A Story Behind Why I Love 'Mega Man X'

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Games do bring people together.

Stories that Need Good TV Adaptations

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Have you read these books?

7 Storylines Marvel Can Explore Now That Disney Has Acquired Fox

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What will Marvel add to its movie library next?

Smartphones: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

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Looking to buy a mid-range smartphone? Here are our suggestions.

Blade Runner 2049: Post-Mortem

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Blade Runner 2049 is no doubt a masterpiece. So why was it also a disappointing flop?

My best Fallout moment happened when I didn't listen to the game

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 9 months ago

What's your favorite Fallout memory?

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