Konami’s Greatest Losses besides Metal Gear

By: Karen Benitez | 9 months ago

Is there any hope for these classic franchises?

A Story Behind Why I Love 'Mega Man X'

By: Jon Castillo | 9 months ago

Games do bring people together.

Stories that Need Good TV Adaptations

By: Jon Castillo | 10 months ago

Have you read these books?

7 Storylines Marvel Can Explore Now That Disney Has Acquired Fox

By: GameGulp Staff | 11 months ago

What will Marvel add to its movie library next?

Smartphones: Holiday Gift Guide 2017

By: GameGulp Staff | 1 year ago

Looking to buy a mid-range smartphone? Here are our suggestions.

Blade Runner 2049: Post-Mortem

By: Jon Castillo | 1 year ago

Blade Runner 2049 is no doubt a masterpiece. So why was it also a disappointing flop?

My best Fallout moment happened when I didn't listen to the game

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 1 year ago

What's your favorite Fallout memory?

Will Disney's upcoming streaming platform be successful?

By: Jon Castillo | 1 year ago

In 2019, Disney-related content (including films and shows under the Marvel and Star Wars labels), will no longer appear on Netflix. The decision has been months in the making and has likely led to the streaming service's

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