Turbo Pug is 'pugging' addictive

By: Stef Atega | 4 years ago

You can never go wrong with a game filled with pugs. Never. While we're all waiting to get our hands on Fallout 4, indie developer/publisher Back To Basics Gaming has just released "Turbo Pug" on Steam. This is one of t

Getting Cozy: Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 2

By: Jon Castillo | 4 years ago

While recovering from the major shock of awesome known as "Ash vs Evil Dead", the second episode immediately picks up from the pilot. The second episode, "Bait," is every bit unrelenting with its blood and gore. It uses

This drowning simulator is messed up

By: Jon Castillo | 4 years ago

As if getting lost at sea and drowning is not scary enough, this French guy, Guy Cotten, creates "Sortie en Mer," which means, or at least, what I think it means, "A Trip Out to Sea," where the player-actor falls out of his b

Void & Meddler Review: An Ode to Cyberpunk

By: Stef Atega | 4 years ago

While well-presented, cyberpunk adventure game Void & Meddler could use some improvements.

Spectre: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 4 years ago

I have never heard of Sam Smith before. Not until I read somewhere that he was going to lead the opening song for Spectre, the newest James Bond film. So I tuned in to YouTube the day before and was quite surprised to hear

"Tanim Bala" app brings out worst airport fears

By: Jon Castillo | 4 years ago

It looks like Halloween hasn't quite ended. When we talk about horror settings, the usual things come to mind: haunted house, cabin in the woods, alone in the apartment, those kind of things. But airports? Not much is known

Life is Strange: Review

By: Mark Duque | 4 years ago

What would you do if you could change the past? Would you try to correct a mistake you made? Stop something from occurring? Do something differently? We've probably done a lot of things in our lives that we regret. Thing

Sicario: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 4 years ago

The bodies that were hanged in the viaduct were naked and mutilated. They remain suspended in the air where everyone can see, polyps spread in the deep roots of the city. No one gives a damn. They see, take photos, whisper

League of Legends 2015 World Championship: Finals

4 years ago

This is it! The final stage (and what a stage it was) of the month-long journey towards the Summoner's Cup. After all the clashes and base breaking, two teams stand in front of each other to battle it out for one last s

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