You can now get the new HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset in stores worldwide

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 1 year ago

Producers of headsets never seem to realize that we have only one head to put these things on. While being able to hear your opponent scratch their ass 50 meters to your right is a helpful hint in multiplayer games, you lets you create, discover, and connect with fellow video game aficionados

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 1 year ago

For those of you who still think playing video games is a viable career choice, then good for you! Despite the fact that the market for gaming videos is oversaturated and helmed by a screaming neo-Nazi, there are s

HyperX Alloy FPS Gaming Keyboard: Review

By: Stephen Sanchez | 1 year ago

We recently managed to nab a HyperX Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard, which has just been officially released in the Philippines. Now, I'm no diehard hardware reviewer, so I might miss a couple of things, but here's my bri

Nintendo Switch: Review

By: Karen Benitez | 1 year ago

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing piece of hardware. It is the upgraded version of both the Wii and Wii U, combining the best features of both consoles into one amazing hardware. It's also a lot smaller than I thought

Store an immense amount of files in Kingston's 2TB USB Flash Drive

By: Stef Atega | 1 year ago

You read that right! A 2TB flash drive?! Well, hot damn! That's bigger than my laptop's hard drive! Kingston's DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte offers up to 2TB of storage and USB 3.1 Gen 1 performance, making

Know when to call it a night with Alcohol Check, Kingmax's smart breathalyzer

By: Stef Atega | 1 year ago

In a typical drinking session, you can always spot the dudes who own cars - they're the ones who drink less so that they can drive home safely. But everyone knows that's a hard situation to be in. Refusing more drinks i

Upgrade your soft, weak computer with the Apacer AS681 ARMOR SATAIII SSD

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 1 year ago

We all eventually experience the slow demise of our computers. From delays in opening applications to the device refusing to respond like an overly-nonchalant cat, it's always sad to see a once current machine slowly ag

MSI extends its Chinese New Year promo until March 15

By: Stef Atega | 1 year ago

In case you missed it, MSI launched a Chinese New year promo that offered discounts and freebies. The promo was supposed to end last February 21, but since the MSI PH Notebook Facebook page reached its goal of 150,000

The HyperX ALLOY FPS Gaming Keyboard is coming to local stores

By: Stef Atega | 1 year ago

Earlier this year, HyperX announced the newest additions to its gaming product portfolio at the CES 2017. These include a new gaming headset, a new mouse, and two new mechanical keyboards. While it's not confirmed when

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