Team Secret puts Gigabyte.Mineski to the Loser's Bracket

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Esports | Nov 19, 2015

Dota Frankfurt Gigabyte mineski team Secret

Gigabyte.Mineski was swept by Team Secret, 2-0 in the 2015 Frankfurt Major.

Wow. That one hurt.

Team Secret showed the relatively new team on the big stage why they are considered a favorite to win every tournament they participate in.

The European team sweeps Mineski in two close games and advances to the semi-finals of the winner's bracket.

Experience won the series for Team Secret as the cool European favorite puts a stop to Mineski's little run in Frankfurt. Despite having the early lead and a strong early-mid game, with Mineski actually leading in kills for most of the game, Team Secret counters the Filipinos' aggressive game by staying cool and bidding its time for the opportunity to take control of the first game. An Ember Spirit wreaked havoc on the Philippine team, destroying the Phantom Lancer carry of Kuku. With an obvious mismatch between the two carries in favor of Team Secret, Mineski went into the match with one strategy to end the game before the Ember Spirit goes online. Despite commanding the game in the early stages, the combo of the Magnus' Empower on the Ember Spirit got out of hand, giving Team Secret's carry almost a 10k gold over Mineski's position one. Strong team plays couldn't save the Filipinos this time as they were clearly outmatched despite having a good draft (not great) themselves. In the end, choosing to match Phantom Lancer with Ember Spirit backfired on the Filipino team.

Things got much rougher for Mineski in the second match, as Team Secret bullies Mineski into a corner in as early as the drafts. The European team banned Mineski favorites like Tusk, Huskar and Slardar, while picking Dazzle and Nightstalker for themselves. This drove Mineski into a line up they were not 100 percent happy with and it showed in the game. Even in a close early game you could easily tell that Mineski was in for a rough match. With their preferred aggressive play stifled by Secret's lineup, Mineski was methodically dismantled by the stronger team. Team Secret showed why they are one of the best by forcing Mineski to fight in an unfamiliar situation and made every play to capitalize on it. With the Shadowfiend outplaying Mineski's Anti-Mage, the Filipinos had no answer against Team Secret and were subdued in almost only 40 minutes into the game.

The defeat puts Mineski straight to the Loser's Bracket where they will be facing OG.

Losing definitely put a damper on Mineski's momentum but this was not a poor showing by any means. They stood toe to toe with the world's highest ranking team and never backed down. Mineski needs to once again learn from this experience and gear up for next match.

The Frankfurt Major for team Mineski is not yet over.
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