'The Mountain Between Us' hopes to help you warm up to strangers

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Jun 29, 2017

20th Century Fox Idris Elba Kate Winslet The Mountain Between Us

Now I've been known as an extreme introvert. Even to those I've known for years, my brain strives to find the path with the least possible human interaction so that I don't have to deal with other people's crap. Stopping to care can be taxing; doubly so if you're stuck with a stranger high up in the mountains.

While the last isolated movie set on a mountain that I can recall included a still-alive Heath Ledger and a butt-hungry Jake Gyllenhaal, The Mountain Between Us involves two humans of the opposite sex as they charter a unfiled flight, only for it to crash and leave them isolated in the High Uintas Wilderness without so much as a pack of trail mix.

Starring Idris Elba as surgeon Ben Bass and Kate Winslet as photojournalist Alex Martin, neither of these professions seems fit to weather harsh conditions (unless you count some scalpels and a camera as proper survival gear). With Alex's leg broken and neither of their phones with a signal, it's up to the two strangers to work together and avoid the cliché of falling in love while one of them has a fiancée.

Did I say two? My mistake. Though I did say that there were only two people on this journey, I forgot to mention one more star that could potentially be an Oscar nominee. 

That golden retriever, who must be a veteran actor from films like 101 Dalmatians or Snow Dogs, has no doubt delivered the most heartwarming performance ever seen in a trailer. Without uttering a single word, he (or she) has stayed humble amidst such talented thespians and looks to be the anchor point that holds Ben and Alex together.

How did this four-legged friend survive a plane crash? Will the three companions ever find Bigfoot, the unsolved mystery of the ages? And how long will it take before one of them turns to cannibalism? Find out when The Mountain Between Us comes to cinemas this October 4.

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