3 Frustrating Games from Orangenose Studio to Waste Time on

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Oct 31, 2015

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ESGS 2015 is a place where gamers and developers converge to showcase both gaming skills and games developed by Filipino indie developers. On site, we met the guys from Orangenose Studio and tried a few of their games.

Here's what we have to say: taking their cue from Flappy Bird, Orangenose Studio has come up with casual, one button games of their own, which I confirm (based on the hundreds of hours I spent), are highly addictive. If you're looking to try other games to pass the time, here's a preview of what Orangenose has in store:

1. Cannon Hero

Cannon Hero taunts you from the very beginning. This annoying little guy will tell you his grandma just achieved an impossibly high score and then challenge you to beat it. The bastard!

The objective is simple: blast your way to victory. Just touch and hold to aim your rocket, then release. If you calculated right, then enjoy watching the bad guy atop the tower blow to smithereens. Your character, Rocket Boy, will move on to the next evil dude, atop either a higher tower or a nearer one, or BOTH. That means you have to adjust your trajectory. You gain a point for every kill, and 2 points if you score a headshot. A few headshots in a row will grant you Fever Mode, where your hero may go in for the Ultra Kill.

The catch is, if you miss just one shot, you die! Your enemy will one-hit kill you with his cannon and game over. Unfair, right? Then again, Orangenose knows exactly how to keep you engrossed in the simplest way. So even though it's pointless to continue (the game is basically endless), you'd still want to better your high score, so that you may brag to your friends one day about your awesomely useless skills. Also, each foe drops coins, so if you earn enough, you may unlock other characters from the Shop.

There are 3 heroes to choose from: Rocket Boy, Wizard and Ranger (who looks a bit like Judge Dredd). My personal favorite is the Ranger, because he shoots laser beams. And we all love lasers, don't we?

2. Owl Can't Sleep

I would've opted for a more straightforward title for this game, like you know, "Owl Jump". Because all you have to do is touch, hold and release to let an adorable-looking Owl jump from one platform to another. Sounds easy, except that (1) there are spikes on the top and bottom part of the screen (2) the touch mechanics are highly sensitive. Hold a second too long and it could spell your Owl's death.

Like the first game, there is no "end" goal in Owl Can't Sleep. Your main objective is just to earn points and collect candies (Since when did owls love candies?). You can unlock other quirky birds as well if you garner enough points. You'll probably have to sacrifice a thousand hours to get those points though because it took me almost 3 hours just to reach 29 points!

3. Egg Car

Egg Car is probably the most frustrating of the three. The concept is so simple but genius. You're going to embark on an "egg-ceptional" journey with an egg as your cargo. And your mission is: DON'T. DROP. THE. EGG!

Tap left or right to move your car along the uneven path. Again, similar to the other two games, you can collect coins to unlock cool stuff; in this case, other types of mini-cars. Although, there are some that you can only unlock once you reach a certain distance... which is impossibly hard to achieve! The paths become so steep at some points, it'll make you wonder, "Why the hell am I taking this route anyway?" The game integrates actual physics, so you'll have to use your real-world skills to get the job done.

The guys from Orangenose Studio sure know how keep a person engrossed in their stuff, so be sure you have several hours to kill before you think about playing any of these apps. Happy tapping!

Cannon Hero, Owl Can't Sleep and Egg Car are available for FREE on App Store and Google Play Store.

To know more about Orangenose Studio and their games, you may visit their website here.

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