6 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters We Would Love to See with Wolverine on the Big Screen

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Features | Mar 14, 2017

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The glowing reviews are in and Logan is a bonafide hit. After wielding the adamantium claws for 17 years, Hugh Jackman finally told the media that it felt like it was the right time for him to say goodbye to the iconic role.

However, the internet recently went crazy as the actor revealed that he probably wouldn't have stopped playing Wolverine if the character was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that fans everywhere have been echoing since the introduction of the Avengers.

Sadly, this will never come to pass. There is no way Fox is going to ever relinquish rights to arguably the most recognizable character they have.

That won't stop me from dreaming, though. Wolverine is a unique character with an impressive set of skills and a more interesting personality. He's basically immortal, with abilities that go beyond even the most skilled assassins in the Marvel universe. It would have been great to see him integrated into a team that is more interesting than the X-men.

Here are six character I would have loved to have seen Hugh Jackman's Wolverine share a scene with on the big screen.

1. Thanos

Sure we haven't really seen Thanos in action, so it's quite hard to imagine what the Mad Titan would be like on the big screen beyond the annoying cameos. But you don't have to be a genius to know that having Wolverine take a swipe at Thanos will be nothing short of spectacular.

Their power levels are in no way on the same level, but Wolverine's regenerative abilities and feral instincts would be a great way to showcase what Thanos can do with the Infinity Stones without the expense having to kill someone off.

Just imagine Thanos melting Wolverine's face off every time he regenerates. It would be a great way to show off just how ruthless and insane he is and would give the audiences a real taste of why the purple guy is the MCU's biggest baddie.

2. Scarlet Witch

This is based on the assumption that Fox still doesn't allow Marvel to use other X-men characters in their films.

With the fact that Quicksilver is dead, Wanda Maximoff is effectively the only link in the MCU to anything X-Men-related. It would be great to see interactions between Wanda and Logan that could give nods to anything in the X-Men world. Both characters work well in an environment where, in a group of super-powered individuals, they still feel like outcasts.

Their struggle and journey to find themselves in a team like the Avengers would be great to see on the big screen. With both characters playing off of each other, there is a lot of potential to create new and interesting perspectives for both characters' story arcs.

3. Rocket Raccoon

This one is a no-brainer. Every character in the MCU should have at least one scene with Rocket Raccoon. This smart-ass, sarcastic alien rodent lights up the big screen every time he opens up his wise-cracking mouth.

Having the no-nonsense Wolverine take on Rocket Raccoon in verbal warfare would probably be one of the best moments in cinematic history. Wolverine himself is no stranger to sarcasm and although his comic book version is better at dry humor, I have no doubt that Hugh Jackman can still exchange jabs with Rocket. This is even more fun considering they start insulting other members of the Avengers like Samuel L.  Jackson's Nick Fury.

I can just picture Rocket telling Wolverine that he needs Nick Fury's eyepatch for a plan. Silver screen gold.

4. Iron Man

Another no-brainer but for me, this one is more about seeing two perfectly-casted actors in their career-defining roles having one well-written scene together.

I wouldn't even care if they were just talking to each other about the weather. Whether it's debating about morals and strategy at the Avengers tower or exchanging patented one-liners in a bar, Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman sharing screen time in a Marvel movie would be worth ten times the price of admission. Tony Stark's always gray moral compass and Logan's no non-sense attitude bouncing off each other would be a writer's dream.

If I ever see Hugh Jackman pointing his adamantium claws at a smirking Robert Downey Jr. in full Iron Man armor and calling him "tin man", I would die happy.

5. Captain America

Wolverine and Captain America are actually good friends in the comic books. They fought in World War 2 together, resulting in the unique bond that they share. Wolverine holds Captain America in the highest regard while Cap considers Logan as one of his closest comrades in the Avengers.

Over the years they've teamed up together more times than I could count. Both have so much in common that it's not hard to see why they get along so well, but it's when their differences surface that they become compelling characters. Wolverine's willingness to kill without batting an eye irks the hell out of Cap but he also knows that Wolverine is loyal to a fault - something Cap considers an invaluable trait.

There are so many dimensions regarding Captain America and Wolverine's relationship. Considering the fact that I think that Chris Evans' Captain America is more fleshed out than the sometimes one-dimensional Cap in the comics, a potential clash of personalities and ideals between him and a Hugh Jackman's Wolverine would make any comic book geek get goosebumps.

Now the only thing left is to do is to make Hugh Jackman look a lot shorter.

6. Hulk

Beyond both character's long history together (Wolverine first appeared in a Hulk comic book), I think everyone agrees that we just want to see a movie that showcases the Hulk and Wolverine going at each other. If done right, that scene has the potential to be one of the most iconic superhero fights in history.

In all fairness, there aren't many characters that can actually fight the Hulk physically and make it an entertaining match. However, Wolverine is one of the few who can stand in the same ring with the angry green monster. Wolverine has a healing factor better than the Hulk's and his adamantium claws are one of the few weapons on Earth that can damage the Hulk's skin (World Breaker Hulk not withstanding of course). The prospect of Wolverine's speed and feral instincts against the pure physical power of the Incredible Hulk is enough to make the 7-year-old boy in me and the 30-year-old man that I am scream at the same time!
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