If you think you've seen all there is to monster movies, A Quiet Place could change your mind. The film offers a refreshing take on the genre while also serving as a great horror flick.

The movie is set on an Earth ravaged by monsters that have a heightened sense of hearing but have no sight. Instead of tackling the premise on a wider scale, the script focuses on a family who lives on a farm and are doing what they can to stay alive. The key to their survival is silence. These monsters move fast and will hunt down anyone they hear. Instead of talking or whispering, the family communicates through sign language. And while they still live in their home, they have moved underground to further safety.

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This narrative demands silence, and is a gimmick that the movie takes full advantage of. The scares are triggered by anything that makes a sound, and the film masterfully sets up these situations: the threat of a lamp toppling over, a crying baby, and the worst of it all, an exposed nail on the stairs. It is nerve-racking to watch, as even the slightest sound can put you on edge.

While the story is pretty much devoid of dialogue, it still gets you invested in the characters. Emily Blunt plays a pregnant wife who is nearing her due date, John Krasinski (who is also the director) plays the head of the family, and Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe star as the kids. In these dangerous times, the family's compassionate resolve to protect one another keeps you rooting for them, and thereby greatly stresses you when a member finds himself or herself in a treacherous predicament. 

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There isn't a dull moment, since A Quiet Place is smoothly paced and well-thought out. It doesn't beat around the bush, nor does it feel rushed. The first half familiarizes the audience in the cast's day-to-day routines, as well as the layout of their place. By the second half, the terrors begin, and viewers start to anticipate which areas or objects can threaten the family's safety.

The monster sequences thankfully aren't over the top. There are no shaky camera moments or exaggerated gore. Because while the creatures provide the conflict, the movie doesn't shine the spotlight on them. Essentially, the movie is about the family and their determination to survive.

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While not giving away any spoilers, my favorite aspect of the film is that it empowers. Too often, horror films finish by leaving viewers with a sense of dread. A Quiet Place on the other hand, closes the curtains on a high note. You won't leave the cinema feeling sorry for the characters.

A Quiet Place may be the best horror movie I've seen so far this year. It's refreshing, tension-filled, and exhilarating, which all make for a unique cinematic experience.

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