Acer shows its fangs with the Predator 21X

Written by: Karen Benitez

Tech | Sep 1, 2016

Acer gaming laptops laptops Predator 21X

Okay, after the initial palpitation, and having had calmed our nerves, we take a quick look at Acer's newest bad boy in its Predator gaming lineup, the Predator 21X.

And it is a monster.

It features a 21-inch (2560 x 1080) curved screen, the first among laptops - this essentially means nicer viewing angles and even nicer explosion of colors. It has two-I repeat, two- GeForce GTX 1080. Two. In a laptop.

What's more? 64GB RAM, 7th Generation Intel processors, an eye-tracking camera, a number pad that you can detach and flip to turn into a touchpad, and a slot for an SD card. What the hell right? It also has five goddamn cooling fans to keep its hot head cool.

It's not so hard to see what Acer is trying to achieve here. They want to topple the competition. MSI, Asus, and Razer. And uh, Alienware? Whatever. It's a nice little investment that should keep some gamers happy for a couple of years. Even after five years later, when things will fare better than the GTX 1080 makes the next buzz, the Predator 21X looks like something that will still be able to make other brands run for their money.

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