After 14 long years, 'Beyond Good & Evil' finally gets a prequel

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jun 13, 2017

Beyond Good & Evil Beyond Good & Evil 2 E3 E3 2017

...even if it does say Beyond Good & Evil 2 on the title.

Showcasing urban legends seems to be the new thing at E3. We finally have The Last Guardian, otakus are content with their CGI trailers of Kingdom Hearts III and that Final Fantasy VII remake (though they probably won't see the light of day until we have grandchildren), and so Half-Life 3 might just be just around the corner!

But until that fateful day when the sky brings down hellfire, we can contend ourselves with the fact that Beyond Good & Evil is alive and well.

Taking place before the 2003 cult classic, there all little to no details on this upcoming title apart from what you see in the trailer above. Players will presumably take control of yet another human-animal duo but instead of Jade and her guardian "uncle" Pey'j, you will be put into the shoes of a spunky black lady and a monkey with a dirty toilet for a mouth.

Beyond Good & Evil was known for its unique world that you could explore while taking on odd jobs and photographing the eccentric wildlife. This prequel seems to focus more on robbing the locals while screaming profanities at them. Whatever your profession may be, any excuse to get back into director Michel Ancel's talking animal galaxy will be worth its weight in fake monkey statue gold.

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