Alien: Covenant seems to feature breakfast meals and intergalactic couples

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Mar 29, 2017

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If you look it up in a dictionary, an alien can be classified as either a foreigner from a different nation or an extraterrestrial with origins outside a planet. In the case of Ridley Scott's Alien franchise however, it means the latter is also an orphan with a head shaped like a Subway sandwich who just wants to make a nice home within the confines of your stomach.

Alien: Covenant is the second in the series of prequels that started with 2012's Prometheus and stars yet another community of naive spacefarers as they attempt to colonize planets that are uninhabited for a reason. This time, the crew of the Covenant is composed largely of love drunk couples who can't wait to have privacy some 500 light years away from the rest of humanity.

Accompanied by Walter, a synthetic android who looks like Michael Fassbender, the crew arrives on a planet whose sole inhabitant seems to be David, another android that looks like Michael Fassbender and one of the survivors from the last movie.

After stumbling on native wheat and eggs the size of minivans, the crew realizes that even though this place may be well-stocked on breakfast ingredients, there is no doubt that something else came to this planet before them.

Alien: Covenant will be unleashed in theaters this May 10 and cover the struggles these couples undergo as they postpone their summer vacation and deal with the consequences of unwanted parentage.

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