An Karanir Thanagor, Varian Wrynn: In Memoriam

Written by: Pio Garcia

Features | Sep 1, 2016

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Dear King Varian Wrynn,

I have a thing for compelling characters, be they of my faction, allegiance, or otherwise.

You, Varian Wrynn, are a human. The High King of the Grand Alliance.

I am a Blood Elf Death Knight. A Horde member. Red or dead. Call me whatever you want.

I first met you during Wrath, the expansion that saw the release of my class, the Death Knights. You were a hothead, but given that you were ensorcelled by the Black Dragonflight and split into two personalities, that was understandable.

It was messy, but the short of it was one of you became a gladiator and chosen of an Ancient. The other you was brainwashed and turned into a puppet by a black dragon masquerading as a human.

Events led to you being un-ensorcelled by Jaina Proudmoore, as well as getting a legendary weapon and a plate of armor befitting a king and Arms warrior.

You hated the Horde, and rightfully so. They carved up your city during the first war and killed both Llane Wrynn and your sword master, the Lion of Azeroth, Anduin Lothar.

But even though you hated the Horde, I grew to respect you. You overcame so much. You fought like a badass and how a warrior king should. You are, in my eyes, what Thrall could never be as a Horde player. Green Jesus was someone I just could not follow.

Here you were, a man who led by honest bladework and pure badassery. Here was a Wolf whose fury remains forever unmatched when unleashed, not even when pitted against that wild child Garrosh.

You had your low points as well. Aside from being a hothead, you also refused to listen to  your son, Anduin Wrynn. Seeing the prince become a priest probably made you disappointed, Your Highness, but as time went on, I could see that the father in you could not bear to be distanced from his only living relative and heir.

And that is what impressed me the most about you, my King. That you were still a man, after all.

It is sad that you won't get to see Anduin rule well. Then again, no king will ever see his heir take the throne, for they will pass long before the crown does.

It still pains me to see you sacrifice yourself in the noblest of ways to buy Azeroth and your allies some time. are Varian, of House Wrynn of Stormwind, the Wolf of Azeroth.

Esarus thar no'darador. You fought and ruled well, my King.

Aka'maggosh, Varian.

An karanir thanagor, High King of the Grand Alliance,

Rhaegarys of The True Horde

The author plays on the Sen'jin-US server on his main character, Rhaegarys the Death Knight. He's prepping to farm Gul'Dan in World of Warcraft: Legion for the sorrow and grief that he is feeling for killing off one of the most-loved lore characters by both factions.

About the author: Pio Garcia

GameGulp's resident Blizzard die-hard, fanboy, superfan, whatever you wanna call it. Totally loves mecha the way Setsuna loves his Gundam. Does not shy away from any JRPG available. Find him on Warcraft's Barthilas realm masquerading as a Daemon Prince Primarch.

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