Apacer Z280 brings fire to the game

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Tech | Oct 4, 2016

Apacer Apacer Z280 SSD

Apacer is best known for developing hardware and software solutions that are widely used by consumers. They introduced the SSD+Optimizer with HyperFast technology, the first dual interface SSD: the AS720, as well as the 2.5" SATA RAID Flash drive.

They build things with speed in mind and in order to translate this to their gaming peripherals, the Z280 SSD was created.

An advanced SSD which supports PCIe Gen 3 x4, The Z280 provides you more effective bandwidth and an increased end-system performance. It is also compliant with NVMe 1.2 in a M.2 form factor.

Apacer is also known for being a cost-effective company, meaning that you will get your money's worth without burning a hole in your pocket. By this account, Apacer makes a decent start for early PC builders, as the Z280 SSD has a read performance speed of 2500MB per second and a 1350MB per second write speed. Couple that with a decent memory capacity of 480GB, this storage device sounds like it may be worth a try.

With a physical size of 80mm, the Z280 also rolls out with the Apacer SSD Widget, a software that allows users to monitor the state of their SSD and instantly fire up that firmware update whenever needed in one easy go.  

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