Ash vs Evil Dead is a bloodbath of awesome

Written by: Jon Castillo

TV | Nov 1, 2015

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There's no way to stress the headline. "Ash vs Evil Dead" is a bloodbath of awesome. Longtime fans are out of their heads (myself, included) and would tell any newcomer to watch the original first three "Evil Dead" films, just because.

The first episode, "El Jefe" pays homage to how typical B-films start off, a minor B-acting stunt and an overly long winded exposition meant to develop what little character developer possible before the first bloodletting. However, pilot director Sam Raimi (and "Evil Dead" creator), finishes this in the first five minutes, the rest of the episode is about getting stabbed by all sorts of pointy things, demonically possessed bitch dolls, blowing up heads and the "boomstick."

It shows Ashley "Ash" Williams's life 30-years-later, after the events of the 1993 film, "Army of Darkness." Though nothing from that film has been shown or referenced, and appears to be a direct sequel to "Evil Dead II" instead.

Ash's life revolves around a small, boring town, where he lives in a trailer park, getting high and wasted, having one-night stands with women he meets in bars. It's his way of coping from the horrors he had faced 30-years-ago, fighting demonic beings called Deadites. The first signs of a megalodon shitstorm hits during a quick lovemaking scene in a bathroom. The words "I'm coming for you" has never been this creepy, pointing out, "Know who you fuck."

The episode feels like three horror films, pieced together with surgical precision. First, we have Ash, as he comes to realize the horrors are coming back to get him. Second, we have two state troopers, responding to an incident in a house, where awesome scary stuff happens. Observe the image below.

And third, we have a FaceTime video over an iPhone that feels like a "found footage" super short horror film. What happened before or after the video began is implied. But nonetheless, it's amazing how it was thrown in there and how well it worked. It's an artistic spookiness that shows us how a little ingenuity and proper execution can achieve.

As an, in media res, newcomers may wonder about what the hell is happening: Who is Ash and what is up with that creepy book that he claims was written in actual blood and bound with human flesh. It's more of a "Thank you" for everyone who has loved the whole franchise from the start. At the same time, it doesn't leave out any newcomers. The show's straightforward plotline is entertaining enough with Bruce Campbell's douche bag charisma, or lack of thereof, depending how viewers see it.

Besides, Ash later recaps what happened 30-years-ago.

The horror scenes were well executed and outright horrifying. It's a nice mixture of creepiness, shock value, and a lot of spurting blood. Most notably, the state trooper scenes, are enough to make someone cringe at the slightest screech in some dark corner. The directors for upcoming episodes will have a lot of pressure to ensure scenes like these remain memorable.

"Evil Dead" has a large cult following that has spawned sequels, videogames, comic books, a musical, and a 2013 remake that stars Jane Levy. It was created by Sam Raimi, the director of notable modern films such as the "Spider-Man" trilogy and please don't blame him about the third him, that was Sony's fault.

The series is available in the Philippines via mobile app HOOQ for Android and iOS. Check out their website for other eye-goodies

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