'Assassin's Creed: Origins' goes way back in time to ancient Egypt

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jun 12, 2017

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It's become a running theme now that every Assassin's Creed game leaks like a bad case of diarrhea before its official announcement. After taking a year off to reflect on itself, the franchise has returned to what is shaping to be its most historically inaccurate release yet. 

In this new title, players control Bayek, a sort of law enforcer who looks over the citizens of ancient Egypt. Armed with the series' trademark wrist blades, a quiver full of arrows, and a magical hawk that scans surrounding areas for him, this new assassin takes part in a secret war against the Templars who plan to take over the cities of Alexandria and Memphis.

So what's so historically inaccurate about it?

Well for starters, everyone in Egypt speaks English, a language that won't see the light of day for a couple more centuries. Secondly, no one can communicate with birds to a degree that they can be used as reconnaissance animals. And lastly... I don't think there ever was a record of snakes the size of a Hulkbuster, either then or now.

Apart from spitting in the face of our ancestors, the title looks pretty good gameplay-wise. There's a minimum amount of HUD notifications, added action-RPG elements like a loot system and experience levels, and a battle system that takes cues from For Honor, Ubisoft's other game that takes potshots at ancient history.

Assassin's Creed: Origins will be out on October 27 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Don't expect any Prince of Egypt Easter eggs though, since those would only add to the confusion that a man was actually able to part the sea with a walking stick.

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