‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is now the highest grossing film in PH

Written by: Stef Atega

Film | May 2, 2018

Avengers Avengers Infinity War Marvel Marvel Studios

It's not surprising to know that Marvel's most anticipated movie is breaking box office records both locally and worldwide. After only six days of release, Avengers: Infinity War earned a whopping P730.1 million, surpassing Beauty and the Beast whose entire run of P677.1 million previously held the record. Worldwide, Infinity War has reached $725.5 billion and still counting.

The movie also claimed the all-time biggest opening weekend record in the PH, with P650.1 million in five days. It earned P151.8 million for its biggest Saturday, and P148.3 million for biggest Sunday.

It's interesting to note that the top earning films in the PH were all from Disney. Aside from the two movies mentioned, the others are Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers, and Iron Man 3. 

Avengers: Infinity War is now showing in cinemas nationwide. 

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