'Bardo', Netflix's first original Chinese language series, will focus on a supernatural jailbreak

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

TV | Aug 7, 2017

Bardo Netflix Sam Quah

Jailbreaks are a common occurrence in television. When most of your drama consists of people shouting at each other because of poor living conditions, you find that prison is the best place to let out these pent up emotions.

While they have been done to death before, escaping jail hasn't quite been done the way the upcoming Netflix series Bardo plans to do it. In partnership with IFA Media and the upcoming director Sam Quah, the biggest Internet television network in the world is planning to release its first Chinese language series that centers on getting out of the hoosegow.

When criminal Al Quan gets in line for the death penalty, he thinks that the only things left to worry about are how tight the noose is or how strong the dosage of the lethal injection is going to be. But when a mysterious inmate shows him alternate timelines and Al Quan finds that his son is in danger, he starts to channel his inner Holden Caulfield to escape his smelly prison.

Bardo sees Al Quan trying to redeem himself for being a menace to society while at the same time discovering his role in a much larger criminal game. Developed by Taiwanese writer Lily Chen, the series tackles issues regarding the country's death penalty and prisoners' rights to their lives.

The eight-episode Netflix show doesn't have a set release date, but is currently preparing to shoot somewhere that will likely resemble a prison. Here's to hoping the cast members remember not to drop the soap.

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