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Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 22, 2016

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Do you like cards? How about magic?

If you are one of those people who like both but don't want to get into the crazy world of Magic: The Gathering and its ever-rabid fanbase, then you might consider giving Spellstrike a look.

Created by Philippine indie studio Sudden Interactive, the game will allow you to battle other players as well as unsuspecting NPC drones in a board game-like world by using virtual pieces of paper. 

Without the initial risk of papercuts,
Spellstrike starts off by letting you choose a hero character as well as two supporting ones from a wide variety of options. After choosing their race and class (each with his own unique strengths), you then get to outfit the skills of your culturally diverse group of wizards and witches by using the game's main feature: cards!

There are a lot of these things in-game. From ones that give your character increased mobility to those that unlock new support characters, the whole game revolves around cards and the different effects they have on specific races or classes.

So how do you get more of them? 

By waging war of course!

In picking your squad of Hogwarts graduates, you can then travel to different maps in this vast world and complete objectives to gain more booster packs. Classic Capture the Flag and the unique Invasion (which sees you attacking an area's defenders) are just some of the tasks that you can complete alone or with friends to fill out your ever-increasing collection.

Unlike Chocolate Frog Cards, which don't have that much of a murderous following, these cards affect how your characters fight in combat. But I already mentioned that, didn't I? Well, did I mention that Spellstrike also includes unique fighting camera angles and animations which reflect your skill choices? Because it does.

Though you cannot control the action directly, your choice of moves during combat affects how your character will react and use their skills against the opponent. It's a nice way to pass the time and is hell of a lot better than seeing a set of numbers tell you what's going on.

By choosing the proper skills, strategy, and squad mates for your party, you can gain more cards to outfit your deck and become that much closer to Yu-Gi-Oh!-like godhood.

Spellstrike currently just got the Steam greenlight, but if you'd want to know more about the game and help the developers out, give their Square Enix Collective campaign page a look. The campaign runs until the end of October 9, 2016 so if you'd like to see this game reach fruition, give it a vote on whether or not you'd like to see it funded and possibly published by Square Enix.

Spellstrike is set for a 2017 release for the PC. Prepare to believe in the heart of the cards (without papercuts).

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