There's no more satisfying way to start your summer than to stay indoors and beat up other people in video games.

The local fighting game community has something to look forward to next month because Imperium Pro Team and ViewSonic Gaming are holding a non-profit fighting game tournament, SummerSalt 2017, this March 4 and 18 at The Pad by Snackpad & Playpad. Although it's going to be an intense brawl, no saltiness is allowed! Cash prizes await those who make it to the top. The prizes will come from the tournament fees so make sure to encourage as many players as you can to join.

The tournament entrance fees require you to pay Php200 for Guilty Gear Xrd and BlazBlue: Central Fiction, while Php250 will be required in order to join the Street Fighter V, King of Fighters 14, Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat XL tournaments. Players are required to bring their own PlayStation 4 compatible sticks (non-legacy) and pads. For those bringing pads, you must bring your own cables as well.

The tournament starts at 2 PM. If you have no time, you can register on the day of tournament, provided that you arrive at the venue before 1:30 PM. Meanwhile, all pre-registered players must be present at the venue from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM to confirm their participation. To register, you may CLICK HERE.  

Here are the other details on the tournament:


  • The brackets will have a seeding for top players based on past tournament results and then randomized to avoid shitty brackets.

  • Race to 2 rounds, 99 seconds, best of 3 matches. All top 4/8 matches are best of 5 matches.

  • DOUBLE ELIMINATION; the winner moves on while the loser goes to the loser's bracket.

  • Both players can use any character at the start of the set.

  • The loser of the first match can change character. The winner cannot change character.

  • Players can request the marshall for a blind pick. To prevent counter-picking, each player will whisper their chosen character to the match marshall.

  • In case of an accidental pause/share, the offended player has an option to take the round or continue the round. Accidental pause/share covers stick/pad malfunction.

  • The most important rule of all: AVOID BEING SALTY.

Prizes (dependent on the number of participants):

For the Php200 Entrance Fee:

1) 20 players

- Php2,800 to be given for prize 

- Php1,900 for champion

- Php900 for 2nd placer

2) 25 players

- Php3,500 to be given for prize

- Php2,400 for champion

-Php1,100 for 2nd placer

3) 30 players

- Php4,300 to be given for prize 

- Php3,000 for champion

 - Php1,300 for 2nd placer

For the Php250 Entrance Fee:

1) 20 players

- Php5,500 to be given for prize

- Php3,900 for champion

- Php1,600 for 2nd placer

2) 25 players

- Php6,300 to be given for prize

- Php4,500 for champion

- Php1,800 for 2nd placer

3) 30 players

- Php7,200 to be given for prize

- Php5,100 for champion

-Php2,100 for 2nd placer

So what are you waiting for? Gather up your friends, bring your favorite gamepad, and get ready to legally hustle them out of their own money by beating the virtual crap out of them!

UPDATE (02/22/2017, 11:30 PM)

Good news for aspiring fighting game athletes! The organizers are offering 10 free slots for amateur or new players in the BlazBlue: Central Fiction and Guilty Gear Xrd category.

Also, toy merchants will be present at the venue. While waiting for your turn to battle, you can check out the FiguArts and Hot Toys merchandise they'll be selling. In addition to that, whoever wins at King of Fighters 14 will receive official SNK merch.

The prize pool for the Street Fighter VKing of Fighters 14Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3, and Mortal Kombat XL category has increased by Php2,000. We've updated the details above accordingly.

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