We've highlighted the most interesting things from Bethesda so far. Starfield and Doom being the most hype machine thus far. There's a lot more under Bethesda's belt so here's what's in store:

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Bethesda loves Wolfenstein, don't they? It's only been a few years and they're already gunning for a third one. Youngblood will feature the twin daughters of the rebooted Wolfenstein protagonists - BJ Blazkowicz. All that we know so far, this game features co-op. Just like the rest of Bethesda's announcements, we'll have to wait until QuakeCon before any more details are revealed.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is built for online play. Oh, you can still play solo, but we get a feeling you'd be missing out a lot of the game's features. 76 will feature the first people who left The Vault, after the apocalyptic event. According to Bethesda, each person you can play as is based off a real person. Does this mean there's no player customization?

Rage 2

Think of Rage 2 as Borderlands, only with sharper and more realistic graphics. You're in a post-apocalyptic world filled with everything weird and wacky, Mad Max-style psychos and rainbow tomahawks, and lots of explosions.

Special mentions

Fallout Shelter, the scary hit mobile game gets a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch port. The Elder Scroll Blades is an experiment on Bethesda's part to explore the potential of mobile gaming. Prey gets DLC called Mooncrash and with it a slew of new features like New Game Plus and Survival Mode.

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