GameGulp kicks off our E3 week with Bethesda's biggest announcements this year. And truth be told, I was expecting a little bit more. Like, I don't know, The Elder Scrolls VI? But nah, that didn't happen, which can only mean Bethesda's really brewing that game to unfathomable heights-and hopefully, less glitch-y. We did get, however, new games from old IPs in good old Bethesda fashion. Massive and unique. Here's a quick feature on those games.


With the rise of more FPS games such as Battleborn and Overwatch, id Software is not backing out of a challenge. The announcement of Quake Champions calls out deep rooted nostalgia of the title's highly competitive years.


Bethesda is looking for a duel. This strategy card game will be coming to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. And if you click on this sentence it should take you to official website where you can sign up for a beta.


Prey is an FPS where players fight off an alien horde. The original Prey developed by Human Head Studios offered a unique experience by combining both science-fiction and supernatural elements, along with a dash of X-Files thrown into the mix. Now, with the new Prey developed by Arkane Studios (Dishonored), it seems we're going through an all-out science fiction action survival ride. The game is slated for a 2017 release.


If you're itching to relive those games, then check them out in VR. It's one thing to stare at a massive Deathclaw or the notorious Cyberdemon by pushing the analog stick up or moving the mouse forward. And it is quite another to tilt your head upwards and see how fucking big they are.


Last but we'd all be damned if this was the least, Dishonored 2 rips our pants off with new gameplay footages. Fifteen years after the first game, players are set to choose between Corvo and his daughter, Emily. Each character will have their separate story lines, skills, and of course will feature a much bigger world with multiple ways in completing each mission. What's more, the game is slated for a November 11, 2016 release.

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