Beware of murderous clowns in Rob Zombie's new film "31"

Written by: Stef Atega

Film | Jun 16, 2016

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Rob Zombie, the heavy metal musician turned horror filmmaker, is at it again with his new film called 31. If you've seen House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, then you know exactly what to expect in a Rob Zombie movie: grunge, lots of gore, evil characters in face paint and with silly names, and Sheri Moon Zombie.

What is this next one about though? A group of carnival workers are taken hostage and are forced to play a game called "31". It's not clear why it's called such, but in this game, the participants have to survive for 12 hours while being hunted down by a gang of killers in clown makeup. That plot sounds a bit familiar...*Ahem* Saw*. Aside from Zombie's wife, the movie stars Richard Brake, Malcom McDowell and Meg Foster.

Before we go to the trailer, let's take a look at the teaser poster.

What does that remind you of??? People who've played the PlayStation-exclusive Twisted Metal series would know. Just Photoshop a fire effect onto that clown's head, and you'd get Sweet Tooth's truck. It's probably not a coincidence, since, trivia alert, Rob Zombie composed the original score for Twisted Metal III.

There's no word yet when 31 will be released, or if it would even be released in the Philippines. In the meantime, let's watch the bloody awesome trailer below. I'll warn you: it's not for the faint-hearted. 

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