BioWare announces 'Anthem', a third-person action-RPG that puts you in a very tight power suit

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jun 12, 2017

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Promises. That's what E3 is about.

Rarely do we ever see a game that comes out exactly how it was announced. Just take a look at Destiny, a massive first-person disappointment by Bungie that turned out to be a tangle of exploits and horrible loot drops. It became "that E3 game" - one that promised so much and ended up being as compelling as a breakup over a text message.

Bioware is no stranger to this (they made Mass Effect: Andromeda, after all), but hopefully they've learned from their mistakes and deliver something that actually works with their new IP.

What could be best described as "Attack on Titan with power suits", Anthem lets you take on the role of a Freelancer in the city of Fort Tarsas. Because the citizens of the city only have one wall to protect them, it's your job to head out into the great unknown to protect humanity as well as make a name for yourself in the ugly monster hunting society. 

While you won't be fighting any naked sexless monsters, the game does pit you against a variety of synthetic and natural enemies. You can choose which foes to take on in a number of your human-sized metal deathtraps (called Javelins), which can traverse the vast expanse as you search for loot and appropriately-leveled uglies.

But if you think that a mission is too much for just one hulking tin can, you can also call for help from real life human friends who will seamlessly enter your game with their own customized Javelins.

Anthem will be out sometime between March to May of 2018. No platforms have been specified, but you should probably hold back on pre-ordering it first. We don't want another Destiny now, do we?

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