The fourth season of 'Black Mirror' still has cryptic titles

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

TV | Aug 27, 2017

Black Mirror Netflix

If you're one of those people too preoccupied with their throne games and strange things to care about other TV dramas, allow me shed some light: Black Mirror is a British television series on Netflix that examines the effects of unheard technologies on human beings. Each episode is a standalone story and takes place in a near or far-off future where people cannot handle the consequences of these innovations; hence the "black mirror" of a television screen or phone.

The whole series is as vague as the instructions for IKEA furniture, with the episodes keeping viewers in the dark until their last few minutes. These mysteries start nowhere else but in the episode names themselves. With names like "Crocodile", "Arkangel", and "Hang the DJ", you would think that these are tracks for a music album instead of titles for an episode.

This fourth season consists of six tracks which are said to be "coming soon". Hopefully they will have production values better than Taylor Swift's new songs.

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