Boomzap Entertainment announces 'Last Regiment'

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Apr 20, 2017

Boomzap Last Regiment Legends of Callasia

The studio behind Legends of Callasia is now developing a new game called Last Regiment. It's a fantasy-themed strategy game with single-player campaigns and a simultaneous turn-based multiplayer mode.

Based on the description, it sounds like this title will have similar features to that of Legends of Callasia. But Boomzap shared that Last Regiment will be a more strategic game, with all the best parts of the studio's previous release and new features such as a built-in map editor.

Not much else is known at the moment, but Creative Director Christopher Natsuume stated that the company will hold weekly dev streams over at

Last Regiment is still in its alpha stage and is currently being developed for PC, with a Mac and mobile release planned for the future.

For more information, you may visit Last Regiment's website, Facebook and Twitter

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