Boomzap's 'Rescue Quest Gold' launches on Steam

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Jun 8, 2017

Boomzap Boomzap Entertainment Rescue Quest Gold

Boomzap Entertainment, the studio behind Legends of Callasia, announced last April that it is working on a new project called Last Regiment. Details are scarce as of now but fans of the studio are eager to learn further details. While we're playing the waiting game, Boomzap has recently announced the release of a remastered version of its casual game, Rescue Quest Gold.

Rescue Quest Gold
is described as a "path-based scrolling match-3 game combined with a bit of strategy."  It looks like a Candy Crush-esque game at first glance but it has some unique mechanics, too. Essentially, you have to clear a path for your character from point A to point B by matching gems, with the catch being that monsters will appear every so often, giving you a choice to use spells to kill them.

There are over 200 main levels in the game with and an added 36 expert levels for the Special Edition.  To appeal to the PH market, the game is also available in Taglish and Bisaya.

The new and improved Rescue Quest Gold is now out on PC (via Steam) and Mac. There's also a free demo available for those who want to try it before whipping out their wallets.

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