Break out the pesticide because 'Rat Simulator' just got the Steam Greenlight

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Apr 25, 2017

Rat Simulator

This doesn't seem accurate...

According to most forms of media, rats are supposed to be really good cooks. Or transform into long-dead wizards. Or train ninja turtles. They aren't meant to live like mice who trash your house and make you question your masculinity.

Yet that's what the recently Steam Greenlit Rat Simulator has you doing.

In nine levels filled with rodent-induced fear, it's your job to cause as much mayhem in the household as possible without letting the humans know that they have another freeloading inhabitant who isn't one of the children. By checking a detection percentage on the upper left side of the screen, you can see how close the clueless titans are to letting out a high-pitched scream and calling the local pest control department.

You can do everything a normal rat can do in this game, and then some!

You can break priceless china with your crummy little paws. You can elude your human captors like a miniature Solid Snake (complete with the '!' mark). You can even spread the plague to your hosts by eating the food they so generously leave out in the open. There isn't any word yet on if Rat Simulator will include features that let you pee or leave disease-ridden crap everywhere, so here's to hoping that's a line the developer is willing to cross.

But wait, there's more!

Once you cause enough destruction, you can outfit your rat with a variety of upgrades that help you spread the love (and sickness) to wealthy homes across the globe.

And just like most rats who crawl in your pipes, the heroic rodent you control has a heart as soft as cheese and can save his fellow rats; thereby adding new followers to his never-ending goal of making his kind the dominant species on the planet. And who wouldn't bow down to them, considering the rats in this game can literally go airborne when jumping from place to place?

Though sign-ups for the alpha have already closed, you can still keep an eye out for Rat Simulator when it comes out sometime in the middle of this year. You better put some rat traps on your ceilings.

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