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Film | Sep 18, 2018

Captain Marvel

The first trailer for "Captain Marvel" was released only an hour ago. 

Take a look, then we'll talk.

Awesome, yeah? 

Being the first trailer, all it does is really introduce to us who "Captain Marvel" is. In a nutshell, it's Marvel's first woman superhero movie. Something that seemed hesitant to do so until DC's "Wonder Woman.

To add a little more detail about the movie itself, it's about an Earth Air Force woman, Carol Danvers, (Brie Larson), gets alien superpowers, and becomes really powerful. According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe propagator, Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel has a power level that goes off the charts than anyone introduced in the entire Marvel movies.

It actually sounds familiar if you think about it. In DC, they had an Air Force pilot that goes by the name Hal Jordan, gets alien superpowers via alien ring and becomes the Green Lantern, which was played by Ryan Reynolds in that god-awful movie. (Yo, shout out to Deadpool, thanks for cleaning that mess up.) Even Jordan's love interest is named "Carol." The Green Lantern came out years before Captain Marvel, and back then, it was "Mar-Vell" played in the movie by Jude Law.

There's a lot of theories why Captain Marvel is needed in the MCU. And look, this is our take, Captain Marvel is needed not because she can exchange punches with Thanos without flinching, but because she's a badass superhero. Period. 

"Captain Marvel" will be released on March 2019.

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