Catch the OPPO Find X livestream!

Written by: GameGulp Staff

Tech | Jun 19, 2018


Later tonight, about 2:30am in PH time, OPPO will be launching their newest flagship phone, the Find X at Louvre, Paris, France. 

We don't know much the device, only that it's being revealed in Paris, of all places, shows us how sweet and romantic the Find X will be.

For the longest time, OPPO has been releasing decent mid-range phones with impressive specs. The Find X is rumored to be a little more than just another mid-range competitor on the smartphone dance floor. We're also expecting a notch, somewhere over the horizon, though we hope we're wrong - and should the Find X sport a notch, we hope there's some real elegant feature about it.

In the meantime, the countdown begins. You can catch the OPPO Find X livestream right here.

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