Celebrate Alien Day with the new Alien Universe Hub and a newborn Neomorph VR Experience!

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Apr 23, 2017

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If you're wondering what crazy occasion the human race will think of next, aside from International Cat Day (August 8) and International Kick a Ginger Day (April 20), Alien Day is fast approaching as we speak!

Annually held on every 26th of April, this obscure reference to the planet Acheron (which was originally named LV-426) marks a day in which we can rejoice in having our stomachs invaded by the unnatural, acid-spitting aliens from Ridley Scott's famous franchise.

To commemorate 38 years since the first film's release and to prepare audiences for the upcoming Alien: Covenant (a movie that is more about aliens than any sort of religious pact), 20th Century Fox has prepared a couple of activities that will make you never want to leave the safety of our planet.

First off, Alien fan day activities will be streamed on all of the franchise's social channels as well as the new Alien Universe Hub, which includes activities such as a fan art contest and trivia challenges that are updated every 4 hours and 26 minutes.

There will even be question-and-answer segments wherein fans can interact with the cast of the upcoming movie. So in case you ever wanted to confess your never-ending adoration for Michael Fassbender (or to tell him how horrible the Assassin's Creed movie was), then now could be your chance!

But for those of you who are too lazy to sign up and visit a website, you can still partake in an out-of-this-world slaughter by visiting the Trinoma Cinema Lobby and participating in the Alien: Covenant In Utero, a VR exhibit that lets you experience firsthand the birth of a new alien Neomorph.

Unlike the classic Xenomorphs, these faceless extraterrestrials make their way inside a human body by way of breathable spores. Once ingested, they bide their time in the host until they burst out of the back or throat forcefully like the world's worst pimple. It sounds like a pretty cool way to be born; and though you may have forgotten what it was like to come out of your mother's womb all those years ago, this event will no doubt help you relive the momentous occasion all over again.

The In Utero VR experience will make its debut at 7 PM this April 26. For those who can't wait to get themselves and their loved ones infected, early birds will be able to take home an exclusive Alien: Covenant poster with which to scare their relatives with until the movie's release this May 10.

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