Challenge Team Execration and win prizes at the HyperX booth at ESGS 2017

Written by: Mark Duque

Tech | Oct 26, 2017

ESGS ESGS 2017 HyperX Team Execration

Great deals and activities await those who visit the HyperX booth at ESGS this weekend. One can take advantage of daily raffles and discounts of up to 50% off on HyperX gaming products. Attendees have a chance to win prizes ranging from gaming gear bags to the HyperX premium bundle box - which includes an entire set of HyperX gaming peripherals.

HyperX has also invited Team Execration for a meet-and-greet on October 28 at 3 PM. Lucky fans will even get a chance to play a round of DOTA 2 with them. Whoever wins this mini-tournament will win HyperX prizes as well.

Here are the details:

Daily limited deal
: with limited quantities each day 

  • Oct 27th - Pulsefire FPS mouse
  • Oct 28th - Cloud Revolver headset
  • Oct 29th - Alloy Elite keyboard

Daily raffles: Get a raffle ticket by every PHP 1,500 purchase or finishing a stamp rally.

  • 1st Prize: HyperX Bundle Box (1 set /day)
  • 2nd Prize: HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset (1 unit /day)
  • 3rd Prize: HyperX Gaming gear bag (5 units /day)

3 vs 3 challenge competition: 2 fans will team up with 1 pro player. Win by first hero killed.

  • Oct 28th : Team Execration
  • Oct 29th : TriNhil
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