Check out the craziest rigs in this year's Computex

Tech | Jun 5, 2016

Acer ASUS Computex 2016 Gigabyte MSI VR

The gaming scene in this year's Computex-an annual technology event held at Taipei, Taiwan that exhibits the latest and upcoming computer components and accessories-was all about getting into VR. Nearly, every major booth, such as Acer, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI, had their own sub-booths for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

And one of major names that is gearing up for the whole VR leap is Nvidia.

The company has showcased their new Pascal-powered GTX 1070 and for something within a $400 price range that easily tops GTX 980 is just fucking crazy. While the 1080 features a vapor chamber cooling system, the 1070 makes use of a heatsink. The 8GB GDDR5 that runs at 8Gbps, ain't so bad either. The 1080 is kicking the price curb at around $700, compared to the Titan X's $1,000. 1070 is aimed for those who prefer to store up their cash for other things. It is also VR-ready.

Anyhow, enough with the tired old stuff that can be read anywhere. Here's some of the most badass rigs we've spotted during the Computex.

Now, I'm not going to list down the specs of each and every one of them, cause 1) It's too much work, and 2) Besides, I didn't manage to get all of them. So, just enjoy these sights and appreciate the craftsmanship put into it.

Custom rig inspired by a Meteor unit from Gundam Seed. Quite ironic 00 Gundam was used instead of a Freedom. 

Dunno what this is. But it sure does look purty.

This is one is inspired by the original Ghostbusters.

Lock n' loaded motherfuckers.

This Doom rig knocked my socks off.

If anything, this looks like a Zerg-infested PC.

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