Check out the Hulk's new haircut in the latest 'Thor: Ragnarok' trailer

Written by: Stef Atega

Film | Jul 24, 2017

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Bruce Banner's monstrous form isn't known for his sense of style. Apart from his raggedy stretchy shorts, the majority of his green physique is laid bare for all to see. To add to that, the unkempt hair gives off a feel that he was recently unemployed.

Thankfully, the Hulk seems to be doing well since his stint with the Avengers. As shown in Thor: Ragnarok's Comic-Con trailer, not only can the gamma green fella engage in actual conversation, he's also sporting a new hairdo. Now he looks just about ready to go on a date!

Aside from the familiar faces of Thor, Bruce Banner, and Loki, the trailer also shows footage of Valkyrie clad in full armor. You'll also see a clip of her army of female warriors called the Valkyrior facing off against the movie's villain, Hela, the goddess of death.

Thor: Ragnarok premieres this November 1

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