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Tech | Oct 7, 2016

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Case modding has seen its share of architectural phases - and each year these things take a massive leap forward. They become quirkier, cooler, but all of them want to make you pluck out your eyes in awesome. Earlier this year when one of the GameGulp staff was at Computex 2016, we spotted a ton of mods that ranged from the simple and cute, to things that could pop out your eyes from their sockets.

It's because of this that case modding has become something of a spectacle; transcending simple crafting and becoming a means of expression. It has become an art form where the modders are the artists and the physical computer is their canvas.

One of these artists, one "Jengki WMP", is a Thai case modder who is best known for his Marvel-themed mods which have made appearances in major tech events around the world. His latest creation though, is not one based on men in tights or billionaire playboys in suits of armor, but on Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien. 

Bearing an iconic resemblance to the movie's antagonists, the Facehugger is seen latched on to the Kingmax's DDR4 memory kit. It's a gross, morbid sexual oddity that could only have come from Ridley Scott's nightmares and reminds us of the works of H.R. Giger.

Just look how it creeps up in the pictures. If you opened up your computer to find this dangling in front of your face, you would probably piss yourself as you attempt to cover your noggin from being head humped. 

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