When I saw the trailer for the first BioShock, I was flabbergasted. The whole idea of harming little girls (for whatever reason) and fighting what appears to be an invulnerable iron Hulk sounded like an epic horror game that needed paying attention to.

About the game itself: the initial opening sequences were good. The game has this eerie atmosphere that will make you nervous as you turn every corner. It's unlike Resident Evil and Silent Hill, where you're always expecting a jump scare that will put you off-balance. Instead, BioShock is all about ambiance.

Turns out the girls, called Little Sisters, are a source of ADAM, the lifeblood of the underwater city called Rapture and the game's equivalent of experience points. You get less ADAM when you decide to save the girls and more when you kill them, draining everything that makes that girl function. It's a nightmarish symbolism of how some societies treat children, sabotaging their childhood and depriving them of their innocence.

It becomes obvious that these decisions will have consequences down the line; it comes in the form of multiple endings, after all. But to be honest, it's a rather boring right-or-wrong choice, where the rewards are not fulfilling in any way as you can sufficiently play the game no matter which path you choose. It all comes down to personal preference on which ending you want to see and nothing more.

The Little Sisters' guardians (called Big Daddies) are scary. Especially the ones with the drill arms. But as you get stronger by upgrading your powers and weapons, these guys become pushovers, just bastards standing in your way on your quest to acquire more power. 

I don't know if it was intentional or not, but halfway through the game, Bioshock's tone shifts dramatically. Once you're outfitted with lots of guns, ammo, and powers, the entire experience comes chock-full of scenarios where you just blast enemies at point-blank range.

Was it because the developers thought that the eerie atmosphere would get old by the end of the game? I don't know. I'm glad for the shift. Because during the times of eerie peace, the overwhelming atmosphere and claustrophobia returns, making you nervous as you realize how deep and alone in the ocean you really are.

Bioshock may be an old game, but it deserves props for its imaginative storytelling and clever use of the environment to get the advantage on your enemies. It's subtle, seeping with atmosphere, and will leave you thinking about it long after the credits roll.

Now would you kindly play this game? 

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About the author: Karen Benitez

Skater, musician, carpenter, gamer. Karen is interested in culture, science fiction, and Cthulhu. She participated in MMA bouts, got her ass kicked many times, and ended up with broken bones. Life is good.

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