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Written by: Jon Castillo

Features | Sep 6, 2018

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Chill Box is where we talk about old games or movies that need some re-loving.

I think it's unsurprising that the best Spider-Man videogame happened to be loosely based on the best Spider-Man movie. You know, the one with Doc Ock.

When I first played the "Spider-Man 2" videogame, developed by Treyarch (yup), I was expecting it would be just like any other Spidey-inspired games. You play through a series of levels, you do a little fun swinging, beat bad guys up, and save the girl.

So, it was a little bit daunting when the tutorial narrator showed up. You know the basics already. I would've groaned if he wasn't voiced by Bruce Campbell (who also appeared on all three Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man" trilogy). Then he and teaches you how to swing. It sounded simple, you've done it plenty of times before in every other Spider-Man game. So when you dive off a roof, falling several stories down, and then you press the R2 button, you feel and hear the sound of the web shooting from Spidey's wrists and you actually make a full arc swing. You'd maintain your grip on the web and once momentum dies, you just hang there.

The experience was exactly how Toby Maguire looked in the first film. Treyarch knows this. They knew you'd scream out loud in excitement, for the first time making you actually feel like Spider-Man. You'd then hear Bruce Campbell's voice tell you how sweet was it, and then eggs you to swing around a couple more times before actually proceeding to the tutorial. What a nice guy.

And like Toby, who had a trial and error of swinging from roof to roof, so did you. You had to press R2 again to fire another web. Later, you'll learn pressing the L2 would increase your swing speed a little. And swinging works best by speeding up and jumping before swinging. If there was no roof, you wouldn't be able to fire a web to swing on. And while the fall won't kill Spidey, it will certainly damage your the momentum.

There's not much to do in "Spider-Man 2." Well, on hindsight. You fight bosses, like Rhino, and Mysterio, and Doc Ock. You rescue construction workers about to fall off a roof, take an injured civilian to a hospital, stop a burglary, and retrieve a little girl's balloon before it flies off to the moon.

Combat is fluid and fast. You can execute all sorts of combos and unique finishers such as webbing a thug and them slamming them around several times. Think Hulk and Loki. Yes. Like that. I don't know why the PS4 exclusive "Spider-Man" is getting compared to the "Batman Arkham" games when clearly, clearly, the combat in new "Spider-Man" looks like more of a refinement of the older Spidey games.

There was even an "accomplishments page" where you can set up records of most spins during a piledriver maneuver. (You pick up an enemy and then Spidey literally does a piledriver, pressing the circle button would make them spin, just for fun. The "most spins" thing, encourages players to carry bad guys to the highest building and then execute a piledriver from there.

Post-game there wasn't really much to do. Some collectibles and some random crime. And the whole of Manhattan to explore. It was really a great game that succeeded in making players feel like Spider-Man for the first time.

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