Super Mario Bros kicked down the dam and let loose upon the world a flood of creative geniuses who caused a downpour of video games in the '80s. It was a gold rush in gaming where everyone wanted to test his or her ideas in hopes that they would sell to audiences. It was the era when well-loved franchises were born and showed the world what it took to make video games fun.

Super Mario Bros was something fresh, simple, and actually fun. Like their former ventures in gambling and "Woohoo" hotels, Nintendo was pretty straightforward. At the time, they didn't bother to do anything sophisticated with the technology that was dumped into their backyard. They just made do with what they had, and simply, fucking nailed it.

Guess what? Nintendo once again cleaved the market with Super Mario Bros. 3. In this game, as Mario and Luigi, you visit different worlds where each one has a mystery that needs meticulous prying to scour every corner of it.

The levels are short and sweet. It's a far cry from the rampaging levels we see in Super Mario Maker where the stages are created by angst-ridden teens or sweet little children who think trolling is fun. SMB3's levels had always been designed to be short because behind it all are secrets after secrets just waiting to be found.

Decades in, people still continue to discover new secrets. Through YouTube channels, older gamers uncover secrets that they never knew existed when they first played it in diapers. There are, simply put, mountains of secrets to plow through, and just when you think you've nicked every corner and pixel clean, there is always one more that you might have missed.

It's the game the introduced a new power-up, the lead, which allows Mario or Luigi to flap their ten-inched raccoon tails and take flight after building up enough momentum. It introduced the Frog Suit as well, which was (no matter how useless in most situations it became) fun.

Only the ravaging strangeness of Mario games will ever make you run from an angry sun, dodge bullets coming from nowhere, kick turtles out of their shells, and punch the living crap out of a dinosaur's head.

This is a game that takes everything the franchise built upon from previous years and made it better, almost as if it were a next-gen game. Sure enough, SMB3 gave way to the even more impressive Super Mario World, which I will be writing about soon.

If you've got a Wii, Wii U, 3DS, a well-maintained and functioning Famicom or NES, and have never played SMB3 before, do yourself a favor and play this game. You deserve every moment of this priceless gem.

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