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Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 27, 2016

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Remember those movies where teenagers would throw parties without their parents' consent? You know, the ones with alcohol and friends throwing each other into the pool?

In each film, my heart would always feel a pang of sympathy for the hosts. With a urine-filled pool and a severe lack of coasters, cleanup detail after a party like that is best done with the help of a hazmat suit and a pack of pine-scented air fresheners.

Now add one corpse into the mix. Make it seven. Apart from the need to lie about the whole disaster to your parents, you can now experience the added joy of having to explain everything to the cops. That is, of course, unless you seek the help of a professional.

Serial Cleaner, a stealth puzzle game by Polish developer iFun4all, let's you live the fictional life of one such janitor. But not just any janitor, mind you! This is a janitor that operates outside the law - cleaning up dead bodies while dressed in such a way that looking good in the 70s would be considered criminal.

Taking inspiration from actual real-life murder scenes, you survey the game's many levels in search for incriminating evidence that would otherwise get your perfectly legit clients into trouble.

That's why they call you. By hiding bodies in your family van, vacuuming blood off of rugs, as well as removing murder weapons and anything else that may point to a killing, you earn your daily wages by keeping the place clean and the cops out.

Speaking of cops, you didn't think it would be as easy as strolling in with a mop and bucket now, did you?

In every level, the police have already made their way to the scene (the donut shop must have closed down or something). So it's up to you to channel your inner voyeur to get the job done without anyone noticing. Pulling refrigerators to block off paths and hiding in cupboards are just a few ways to escape your pursuers' cones of vision so that you can get along with the merry business of dragging a body away before the rigor mortis kicks in.

But this isn't as bleak a game as you think it is. With a 70s soundtrack and a cartoony art style, Serial Cleaner tries to make the grim business of underworld cover-ups a little lighter. Couple that with various ways that you can solve each level and the use of Real World data which modifies each stage depending on the actual time, you have the makings of a game that just might bring bellbottoms back in vogue.

Serial Cleaner is set to enter Early Access on Steam this coming September 29, 2016, so if you'd like to help the developers clean up the game of bugs and crusty blood, you can take a look at the game's Steam Page. Otherwise, here's a trailer showcasing the game's soundtrack and gameplay:

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