Never has there been a greater disappointment in the biggest Crash Bandicoot reveal in decades. What in the hell were they thinking?

What? You haven't heard? Crash Bandicoot was adopted into Skylanders. It's the same story along with how Activision had taken Spyro the dragon into their care.

The new Skylanders game. "Skylanders: Imaginators" will allow players to create their own Skylander using a creation crystal. From character appearance, class, and weapons. Activision is drawing a lot of faith into the franchise. The game is slated for an October release this year.

This is Crash's most epic appearance since 1998 with "Crash Bandicoot: Warped." (Don't get me started; all Crash games after Warped was warped shit.)

Speaking of Warped. A remasered edition of the original Crash Bandicoot games will be released in 2017. Well, that's nice and all, especially for the younger generation who has never met Crash in his most glorious years. But, but, fak that shit! We wanted a new awesome Crash game!

DISCLAIMER: Just to clarify. We are very happy to see a return of Crash Bandicoot, along with friends that came to life in his own era. Skylanders is a multi-billion franchise and the game and its toys are selling really well. We just really wanted a new Crash game. (We can't emphasize that enough.)

About the author: Jon Castillo

Jonathan is hiding from a lynch mob after messing with the wrong basketball team. His favorite song is "Boys do Fall in Love" by Robin Gibb.

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