Dark Souls III gets a release date

Written by: Jon Castillo

Games | Dec 5, 2015

Dark Souls III Demon's Souls From Software Hidetaka Miyazaki

Darkness spreads in April 12, 2016 as Namco Bandai has outed a new trailer for the upcoming "Dark Souls III."

It is in the dark where the game world's beauty resides. The aesthetics of a kingdom on the brink of collapse is both tragic and romantic. Game director and president of "Dark Souls III" developer, From Software, has promised that the large game map will be interconnected, similarly to the first "Dark Souls," and that alone promises a great deal of exploration and intrigue.

In the trailer, we see a knight wearing the Fluted Armor - a set we see in most of From Software games - traversing the dark, holding a torch. The trailer shows a dragon scaled with spikes, unleashing hell and laying waste to everything in its path. The scene brings back past horrors, placing Dark Souls veterans in the bridge to the Undead Parish, once again. A Lightning spear is let loose, a life gem is crushed, or perhaps an Estus Flask, is drank. In any case, "Dark Souls III" looks darker, grittier, and better than ever, with elements from all previous Souls games as if to bring this final chapter into a full circle conclusion.

The game will be featuring new gameplay mechanics: such as Sword Arts and MP bars. Of course, the highlight of the game will be its multiplayer feature, where players will be able to invade other players' worlds. Or be summoned as allies to fight off against an invader.

Miyazaki has announced before that "Dark Souls III" will be the last of the series. Though, we all know it won't mean the end of the dark fantasy series by From Software.

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