LoL Worlds Day 3: FNC vs EDG

Esports | Oct 26, 2015

League of Legends LoL Quarter Finals

The upper half of the semifinals bracket has been decided and the next two matches will complete the lower half. The first match in the lower half of the bracket is between Europe's Fnatic and China's Edward Gaming. The latter has proven that they are a team who can perform in the international stage by winning the 2015 Mid Season Invitational. Fnatic has also been performing well earlier in the season, coming out in first place at the Summer Playoffs and before that, going through the Summer Split undefeated. However, both teams were not as dominating during the Group Stage in this year's Worlds. They both ended with a 4-2 standing and looking to improve their gameplay in the Quarterfinals.

This match is also a match between two unlikely friends  who faced each other in last year's Worlds, Fnatic's Rekkles and EDG's Deft. These ADCs have maintained a healthy competitive relationship since meeting on the rift last year. Both have helped the other grow and develop as a player. They shared that when one of them wins this battle, the other will just be happy for him.

With all that hype, Game 1 began with interesting picks from both sides; Deft took the ADC Jayce pick for EDG while Huni took the top lane Jarvan pick  for FNC. This game was very exciting with several momentum swings between the teams and fights errupting simultaneously on all three lanes. Early game went to EDG but the tides changed after an awesome team fight intiated by Yellowstar on Alistar. This resulted in a double kill for Rekkles and the first Baron secured by Fnatic. Through good rotations, EDG was able to split lanes and come knocking at their opponents' inhibitor. They may not have been able to break the inhibitor but they got the second Baron and used the buff two break turrets plus two inhibitors. Fnatic found themselves stuck in their base with only one inhibitor turret up. All their hopes were on winning an under-the-turret team fight and they succeeded. They got an ace, secured the Baron and finished the game with the buff. Excellent performances by the FNC carries, Febiven on Viktor and Rekkles on Kennen. EDG also showed great performances but were just outplayed in overall teamplay. Meiko on Thresh deserves a mention with his "Lantern of Life", as QuickshotGG puts it.

Game 2 had a very interesting pick and bans phase. Not just one, but two priority bans got through and they are both undefeated in the competition; EDG got Mordekaiser while FNC got Gangplank. For some reason, maybe fate itself had decided it, a super rare bug came up with Gragas midway into the game. All possible remedies to avoid a remake were tried but in the end, the world was not ready to know which champion will remain undefeated.

There had to be a remake of Game 2 with completely new champions which means another picks and bans phase. This time, both Morderkaiser and Gangplank got banned right away. Tahm Kench got through and picked up by Yellowstar on support. He did an amazing job in nullifying stuns from Meiko's Morgana and PawN's Veigar. Fnatic, in this game, dominated for most of the game. Febiven on Leblanc played really well, getting a triple kill early in the game. Huni found the answer to Fiora in the top lane with his Riven. Despite Deft's work on pushing the side lanes, a single fight over Baron followed by other objectives increased FNC's gold lead and fueled their second victory in this series.

The third game had an interesting picks and bans phase. EDG, on the red side, grabs both the Kennen and Sivir. This is most likely to take away Rekkles' known ADC picks. They secured Darius for their top lane but failed to help him snowball; Koro1 got behind on levels. He caught up a little later in the game thanks to some successful group fights in the early game. FNC had a better start, especially in the top lane. Huni had so much trust in their jungler and Reignover had no hesitation to gank because he knows his teammate will perform well. The top was not the only lane to benefit from Reignover's awesome performance. He made life for Febiven in the mid lane so much easier with his simple yet effective ganks. The FNC players did very well in playing the map, playing to their strengths and working together as a team. Team fights were well played, especially that Baron fight with Yellowstar keeping the enemy team away as they finish up. Fnatic closed the series with a commanding victory and advanced to the semifinals.

In general, as the three games progressed, FNC seemed to just face everything that EDG throws at them and still come out on top. It seemed that EDG would have had a chance of taking a game from them with that Game 2 that got remade. They have a pretty good lead and just won a team fight when the bug occured. Well, it is also possible that FNC lost that fight due to the bug, but after that second loss EDG seemed to just lose organization. The team was just playing less efficiently and making questionable calls. Fnatic is known to capitalize on their opponents mistake and they just sweep the series 3-0, punching their ticket to the semifinals!

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