LoL Worlds Day 4: KT vs KOO

Esports | Oct 26, 2015

League of Legends LoL Quarter Finals

The last match in the Quarterfinals is between the two Korean teams, KT Rolster and the KOO Tigers. These two teams have met before in this year's season. Coincidentally, it was also a best of five match wherein KT came out victorious. Both teams performed well in the Group Stage and most fans think that this will be a pretty close match.

In Game 1, KT Rolster had a shaky start taking a small lead. After taking the first dragon, the KOO Tigers took a gold lead. They held on to their advantage and getting other objectives including another dragon. There was a swing of momentum towards KT when they managed to steal what was supposed to be KOO's third dragon. They maintained their lead with good team fights and an excellent use of Teleport by Nagne to flank. KT Rolster takes the first victory of the series.

For Game 2, KOO looked to make a come back and tie the series. KT had a pretty good early game which is mainly due to Score's performance in the jungle on Gragas. They were able to maintain the lead in objectives and gold until around 30 minutes into the game. KOO started to look for a chance to pick someone off and initiate a fight. They were able to catch Score and they got the fight they wanted. They won the fight and went on to secure Baron. From that point on, they held onto their lead and were able to finish the game after another Baron buff empowered siege. They tied the series 1-1.

As the teams went into Game 3, KT was starting to feel the pressure. If KOO takes this game, the momentum will be theirs. Despite knowing the importance of this game, KT had a quite questionable composition out of the picks and bans phase. They went for a very tanky composition that relied solely on Kalista for damage. They seemed to be aiming for good team fights but the only way to achieve that is through a very good setup for all champions's skills. Incredibly, they were able to get one perfect setup. However, they only had one of those. They had a really bad re-engage after KOO took a dragon. KOO had a lot of good calls and coordinated plays which allowed them to keep the lane pressure on. After taking the third dragon of the game, they aced the enemy team and followed it up with taking Baron. In the end, they had so much damage coming out of their composition while KT only had Arrow's Kalista. Nothing could stop them from taking down KT's nexus and winning the game.

Game 4 was a surprise to some while others saw it coming. For this game, KT brought out a champion that their midlaner Nagne was comfortable with, Cassiopeia. KOO on the opposite side brought out two heavy damage dealing champions, Viktor and Caitlyn. As expected, Nagne performed so well on his champion. Score also contributed a lot to their team's good early game. Things seemed to be going well for KT until KOO broke the top outer turret and caught Piccaboo a bit too deep in their side of the map. KT seemed to be fazed from this and just had rather bad engages after which gave their opponents space for a comeback. Their opponents were able to get the first dragon of the game at 22 minutes in. Aside from bad engages, one attempt to turn the tides backfired. Score was able to catch Kuro separated from his team. KT then decides to go for Baron with the other four members of KOO still alive. This was a fatal decision for them. They lost the Baron and, after a few more minutes,  the game.

This match turned out to be an exciting series, as some predicted. KT had so much potential starting this series but they seemed to have struggled in closing the games. KOO showed how well they can play from a deficit and hold on to a lead when they have it. Their win was a group effort with all members playing their roles well and contributing to the overall teamplay. Score's performance in the jungle is worth mentioning, though. He played consistently and supported his team to the best of his abilities in all games. For the side of KOO, Smeb was on Fiora for all four games and, except for the first game, carried his team through fights. The KOO Tigers move on to the semifinals to face Fnatic!

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